Why Digital Marketing is Important for Small Businesses?

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Historically, sales have been driven by marketing efforts. Until the internet was not accessible, and consumers were making their purchase decisions offline, Digital Marketing wasn’t that important, or Digital Channels were never considered necessary.

But today, marketing has become complicated as a user journey, and its decision-making process has become complex.

According to Google, here is how a user journey for a car buyer looks like.

car buying journey.

There are a few essential points to note here, 

  • buyer’s journey had 900+ digital interactions
  • car buying decision may be reached over a few months
  • 71% of digital interactions occurred on mobile

You may refer to this full study here.

This is just one example of buying a car.
A user or potential customer goes through a similar research process, whether they are buying a laptop, a vacuum cleaner, looking for a dentist, or a physiotherapist.

All these points prove that users are looking for information digitally, and those businesses who are making the information available and educating users, are the ones who will be favored most.

So what are the important take away?

Have a Mobile-Friendly Website & Secured Website

As per Google’s report, 71% of the research happened on the mobile. This highlights a critical point about the preferences of users. As people having powerful smartphones in their hands with better internet connections, everyone wants to research their decisions in their free time. Also, as per one study here, 85% will abandon their purchase if they found out they are dealing with an unsecured site, so make sure your website is secure enough to have a proper SSL certificate. 

Provide educational information to users about your products or services

Gone are those days when businesses were getting away by just ranking on bottom-funnel keywords. As competition is increasing, every company is investing budgets in writing informative content that helps their potential customers to familiarize them with their brands.

Content marketing has proven to be a great marketing strategy that has long term positive ROI. Just check, if you are investing in producing great content that entices and educate users?

Check out our blog post on 7 Must Have features for Business Websites here.

Focus on SEO to drive top & middle funnel traffic

This topic is related to the previous issue. As per one study, In Jan 2020 – 95.88% queries were four words or more.  It means the questions are more long-tail in nature, and users are looking for a more top-funnel or middle funnel content than just making search queries related to buying your products and services. We can help you define an SEO strategy considering your competitors that can help you put together a content calendar to produce great content.

Track & Compare SEO vs PPC

Most businesses keep spending money in PPC as it brings results in shorter-term compared to SEO, but it’s always good to consider if at all that makes financial sense.

If you are looking for any help on your digital marketing efforts then feel free to book a FREE call.

Let us help you.

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Mihir Naik

Mihir Naik

I am passionate about helping businesses growing their leads and sales through Digital Marketing. I help businesses improve their online visibility and get more leads.

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