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MoneyMonk Digital is a Toronto based Digital Marketing Agency, started operations in late 2015 mostly with freelancing work. Over the years, it has scaled to become a full scaled agency having a team of experts and consultants to help businesses with their marketing needs.

We truly believe in long term relationship with clients. Our experience has taught us that, we will only make money when our clients will make money, so we have incorporated our ethos in our client on boarding as well. We carefully choose whom we work with and if our exceptions match and set correctly.

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Our Strategic & Holistic Digital Marketing Approach empowers you to not only attract new visitors, but also retain them and convert them into clients.

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SEO For Lawyers

SEO Services for Law Firms & Individual Attorneys

Rank higher on important keywords, bring visitors to website and convert them into phone calls.

Are you a lawyer or a law firm who is very successful in your law practice, but not so much successful when it comes to SEO?  

Do you lack visibility on Search Engines such as Google and Bing? 

Do you ever wonder why some law firms are sustainably ranking in top since years now? How would they achieve top SEO rankings while you are able to get limited success? 

Let’s talk about it and figure out a success plan. We are confident of ranking your law firm or law practice on the first page.

Legal Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The goal of search engine optimization (SEO) is to get top organic listings on search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing) when someone types in keywords that are important to your law practice.

The top SEO position gets about 42% of the traffic. The second organic position gets about 24%, and the percentages really start to drop off as you go down the page. Therefore, the goal has to be to get the top spots. There is very limited business value to being on the bottom of page 1.

To get top SEO rankings consistently, you need a lot of high-quality, educational web content. We make this easy for you.

Google actually assigns a quality score to your website. When your website’s quality score exceeds your competition, you out-rank them online and increase your firms visibility, thereby attracting more cases.

Our Search Engine Optimization Process

We will carry out similar competitive analysis to understand the peers in Law Firm or Lawyer space in Toronto

In SEO, Competitive analysis is one of the most important part. It help us understand the competitive landscape of industry as well as positioning of the business. At times, competitive analysis can also help us derive business insights and how certain competitors are operating their businesses. The objective of competitive research is to validate if SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is a good marketing strategy to go for or not for your business.

For Instance, if you are a Plumbing Company in Toronto and we came to know that other competitors have been investing heavily in SEO since past couple of years, then it might not be a wise strategy to go for SEO to achieve results in next three months. We may explore other marketing strategies such as Search Engine Marketing for quick results and take SEO as a long term strategy.

Once we understood that SEO is a strategy of choice, then we dive deeper into Keyword Research. At this step, we explore various keywords your customer search to access your products or services. We use various paid tools such as Ahrefs & SEMRush to draw the accurate insights. We also use free tools like Google Keyword Planner to aid our decision making. The objective of Keyword Research in SEO is to define what are the keywords we want to target and what’s valuable for us to rank etc.

For instance, you are a business based out of Toronto and you are an e-commerce store selling Pet Foods.

Your customers will be making search such as “pet foods online”, “pet supplies”, “natural pet foods” etc with it’s monthly search volume. So we will be able to better understand and prioritize SEO efforts.

This will help us understand on what keywords your competitors are ranking, what keywords are important for your law firm or your law practice in Toronto

Once Keyword Research is complete, we classify the intention behind the query. Most of the times, users makes various searches to arrive at the same page. Also, the intent varies from transaction to educational. We need to map out the keywords based on full funnel. Certain keywords are top funnel keywords while certain keywords are bottom funnel. Bottom funnel keywords are often high value and most competitive.

For instance, you are a Vacuum Manufacturer based out of Toronto and you intend to drive traffic to your website through SEO. You have done keyword search and you found the following keywords. Let’s classify them.

“How to get dog hair out of rug” is a top funnel keyword. The user is barely aware of your product, but he is finding solution of his problem and your product can solve that problem. “vacuum for dog hair” is a mid funnel keyword. The user is now aware about the solution so he/she is advancing the journey. At this point, he may come across other vacuum providers as well. “One Brand Dog Hair Eraser vs Zero Brand Top Dog” is a comparison keyword. We would classify them as a mid funnel keyword. Here, the user is aware about specific brands and model hence advancing journey further. Once user is sure of what to buy, user will make a search with bottom funnel keyword that is, “best price for One Brand Dog Hair Eraser”. So until we don’t acquire the full user journey, we will not be able to bring substantial results to your bottom line or sales. Hence, Keyword Mapping & Intent Classification is most important.

Final outcome of this step is clarity on Site Structure and number of Pages needed for a website.

As soon as you have better understanding of the website structure, it’s time to plan the content on the page. There are various consideration such as Relevant Keywords, Freqency of Keywords, Number of Words, Number of Headings (H1, H2, H3, H4 etc.), Type of Content Format, FAQs, Sub Topic, Lists etc. 

Detailed Content Briefs need to be prepared for each page that can help Content Writer to write the content in user friendly as well as SEO friendly way. The content brief is prepared using paid tools such as SurferSEO & ClearScope so we can make data driven decision.

The website site needs to properly crawled by Search Engines in order to rank them higher. There are number of technical issues needed to be handled to make a website SEO friendly. The most common issues are 404 errors, proper 301 redirection, fixing canonical errors, fixing hreflang issues, creating appropriate sitemap, accessible robots.txt, properly formatted external links, image alt tags, duplicated pages, pagination issues, thin content etc.

Most often than not, these issues hurt client more. The best practices needed to be followed in order to make the site properly accessible and crawlable by search engines. Once that is done, we have a higher probability of getting site indexed in search engines.

On Page SEO covers vast variety of measures. It starts with checking if the website is mobile friendly or not then tackles the issues like broken links, HTTPs availability, site loading speed, content best practices, content chunking, proper organization of content for accessibility, use of Schema Markup, image SEO etc.

The scope of On Page SEO is rather comprehensive and it often overlaps with Technical SEO at some point, but largely it covers almost all of the optimization we do on our website. By that definiation, we could consider Technical SEO as a part of On Page SEO. Over the years, On Page SEO has gained more and more importance.

“Off-Page SEO” applies to all things that you and others do away with from your website to improve the rating on a search engine result. Although many people associate SEO off-page with building a link, it goes beyond that. On-page search engine optimization takes place within the site, while off-page SEO takes place outside the site. Off page SEO is the way you spread the news about your website around the World Wide Web. Your off-page SEO job is what creates brand equity when adding to your rating in a major way.

Backlinks may be the most critical part of the off-page SEO. Since Google search is based on something called PageRank: an algorithm that looks at the quantity and consistency of backlinks leading to a web page. Some SEO professionals see PageRank as an out-of-date term, but Google has stated that it is indeed a ranking tool just last year.

A local citation is any online reference of a local business name, website, and phone number. Citations will be produced on local business pages, on blogs and applications, and on social media. Citations enable Web consumers identify nearby companies and can even have an effect on online search engine rankings. Regional companies should regularly monitor a variety of references to maintain data consistency.

Citations and local business listings frequently appear without any action being taken by the company. Citations can result from automatic collection and data flow from local business data repositories. For eg, data on a site like Infogroup will flow down to a site like Superpages.

This nature about how the web operates makes it especially necessary for local companies to maintain care over the quality about their data , ensuring that inaccurate data is found and fixed, avoiding consumer confusion, loss of sales and any adverse effects on local search rankings.

Frequenty Asked Questions related to SEO in Toronto

The cost depends on various factors such as industry you are in, the city you are in, your target audience whether it’s national, international, provincial or city based. Moreover, we also need to consider your competitors and how strong they are in terms of SEO. If they have been investing in SEO since few years than it’s going to be lot of work to replace them, and time ofcourse. So there is no fixed price to start with.

But to give you a general idea, minimum monthly cost for us is 500 CAD per month. But mostly, almost all of the client needs Website Redesign as well, so that adds up and monthly cost comes around $1000 to $15000 per month, considering 6 monthly installments.

We don’t have monthly contracts. You can cancel whenever you want. For easier payments, we often offer monthly installments on our website design services or other development.

But, based on our experience, we expect you to stay with us for atleast 5-6 months so that we can show you the results. SEO takes time and it’s almost impossible to drive results in 1-2 months.

SEO is combination of right keyword research, proper content optimization, building a strong discover-able website using technical SEO expertise, making sure it has proper on page seo and promoting it through off page seo strategies such as link building campaigns. For more information, please read the details above. 

SEO is an ongoing task. All your competitors are also investing monthly in this marketing strategy. As other marketing strategy, it needs regular review and modification to best fit the existing market conditions.

Also, google makes lots of changes every year to it’s algorithms and hence we need to adapt to that.

We set expectations with clients for 5-6 months, but based on our experience we start seeing positive results from the start of the 4th month generally.

In the past, off page SEO carried lot of value, link schemes were popular, local search wasn’t so strong, SERPs were quite simple, there was no Knowledge graph or algos like BERT, mobile sites weren’t important and keyword stuffing used to work.

Over the years, content has become more important, best user experience is the priority now, machine learning is being incorporated in search in every way, and things are getting much better for users.

Content is getting more and more important and the focus is on educating users as much as possible. The backlinks used to work in the past, they still do, but higher quality backlinks performs much better and they are harder to acquire.

In our experience, NO ONE CAN guarantee results for SEO. If someone is doing it to you, then you need to assess twice.

But based on our experience, we strongly believe that if best practices are applied to website, it can rank better on targeted terms. The time depends on the competitive factors explained above.

You can just go to this contact page and request a call back.

For initial SEO strategy formation and consulting, Founder & CEO – Mihir Naik, will be working with you. This period is initial few months.

Mostly after 4th month, once the whole project has been kick-started, the team member starts executing some of the Off Page SEO tasks.

But for the main parts of execution, SEO Consultant Mihir Naik will be working with you.

We invest considerable time to understand your business and to assess what success does look like to you. Based on that assessment, we report on that metric. It could be, Online Sales, Number of Appointments, Calls generated, contact form fills etc. It also changes from time to time and on your business marketing strategy. We try to align your targets with our strategy and work efforts.

You just give us a 30 day notice and you are good to go. We need 30 days to ensure proper off boarding of your account.

When you stop working with us, we need to explain alot of things from SEO standpoint as well as some other account level information. We need to share hosting, domain, emails etc.

This question can’t be answered without understanding your competition. Not always the SEO is the answer. We need to assess a whole marketing strategy and see if SEO makes sense for you.

But based on the trend, as paid media is getting more and more expensive, businesses are relying on capturing full funnel through organic as it builds brand loyalty.

We work with almost all types of businesses. The only hard filter we put is our assessment of whether the successful marketing will be able to help you earn money or not, because we earn money while you earn money.

At times, the businesses are not competent to earn profits even thought they are generating enough leads. We try to avoid such businesses. This can happen due to various reasons such as industry, city you work in, attitude of business owner, growth appetite of business owner etc.

We want to work with the long term people for longer term.

Helping Law Firm through Web Site Design, SEO, SEM & SMM

in Toronto

Unlock the untapped market in Ontario with our help.

SEO Services for Law Firm

SEO could be a great marketing strategy, if you find a competent partner to help you with the same. Unfortunately, not all agencies have the expertise to tackle this complex subject. Let us show you how we have helped other businesses like yours to achieve leads and sales growth.

If you are a small business looking for marketing a working marketing strategy, then SEO can be a great one for you. The searches have gone local and whether is a plumbing services or painting service, everyone search online for quotes or comparison. If you can rank locally TorontoCity then it can be a great competitive advantage for your business.

SEO Consultant & Expert for Law Firm

Most of the businesses coming to us have a challenge that nobody explained them about different marketing strategies and how SEO can or cannot be a good fit for them. If you are looking to understand more about how SEO can help you, feel free contact us, so a qualified SEO Consultant, who has proven track record can call you to understand your specific requirement and then suggest a strategy.

Web Design for Law Firm

As we always explain to every client of ours, your website is your “Digital Real Estate”. Consider your website with the same attention and detail as you would do your physical real estate. Website is the first impression your prospective customer is going to have about you. It will explain them what matters most to you, what kind of work have you done in the past, what’s your attitude towards business and what kind of person/organisation you are. If you are looking to develop a website in Toronto City, Feel free to contact us.

E-commerce Website Design for Law Firm

Most businesses are going omni-channel as their customers preferring to order online or at-least browse products online. As consumers have more and more choices, they prefer to research about the product and services first, then order. If you are a service business, clients often want to read more about the services and probably, they are looking for an option to book an appointment online or pay your business online. The question is, are you ready with you Digital Strategy? If you are considering Digital Transformation of your business in Toronto City, then please contact us. One of our expert will contact you.

Digital Marketing Services for Law Firm

Most Business Owners struggle to understand what exactly Digital Marketing is, and what are it’s different facets, how it all fits together, and how that’s going to impact the business in future. We understand this and hence we take ample of time and put sincere effort to understand business. It’s important to know the customer, their motivation and what is the problem you are solving for them, to come up with a strong digital marketing strategy. If you think your business in Toronto City is missing this piece, then we can help you with the same.

Canada is going Digital. You should too. Look at our Case Studies to build trust.

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