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Pay Per Click Marketing Company In Toronto

Are your SEO-efforts not bearing enough fruit for web traffic and leads? Have you been hopping around different SEO-experts only to find yourself at the rock bottom of SERP? Do you think that you’ve lost all your chances to rank among the intense competition because you are too late?

Now you’d think “who cares” whether you are at the top or bottom of the search engine results— your SEO efforts are anyway not helping you.

But that’s not true. Our PPC company in Toronto knows where the problem lies— and guess what— we know how to rank your website even when search engine optimization hasn’t given you the requisite results. And that’s through PPC management.


Pay per click or PPC management service fancies your chance to rank on any keyword on Google and other search engines. It’s merely a great way to boost your brand recognition and get on the radar of the audience who are looking for your business and service.Our team stuffed with digital marketing experts are PPC veterans who take great pride in ranking many clients. They evaluate your online presence carefully to strategize PPC marketing and smash the business objectives at your will.


If you are done with enough SEO antics and don’t want to rely on “Google crawlers” to index and rank you— PPC is the right choice.

PPC is done through Google and Bing AdWords, where these search engines themselves say— “WE WILL RANK YOU, IRRESPECTIVE OF YOUR SEO EFFORTS.”


If you are done with enough SEO antics and don’t want to rely on “Google crawlers” to index and rank you— PPC is the right choice.

PPC is done through Google and Bing AdWords, where these search engines themselves say— “WE WILL RANK YOU, IRRESPECTIVE OF YOUR SEO EFFORTS.”


A full-planned Search engine optimization-campaign may take 6-9 months to show effective results; however, PPC management service can rank you in a single day.

Whether you want to meet your urgent objectives or wish to market your brand amidst heated-competition— our paid search service will rank you at your will— without Google dictating terms.


Through paid search or display ads— you can place your brand on the summit of the search engine by utilizing keywords that your potential audience might be searching as their query strings.

Interestingly, you need a digital marketing agency that can sort out the most relevant keywords for your brand and establish a set up that will result in the actual implementation of the PPC campaign.


The advantage of PPC management service is that it places you cut-above the most organic result of the query. That puts you in the clicking vicinity of the right audience and brings more leads and conversion.


Brand awareness in relatively no time at all
Measure and reach the ideal audience
Attract new leads and sales
Easy access to search engine reporting and other functionalities
Be relevant to your local audience
Immediate results depending on your urgency
Manage programmed marketing spend
Targeted marketing for higher conversion
Say goodbye to Google’s crawler and algorithmic changes


Our full range Pay per click management service deals with voicing your brand loudly on the search engines and amassing audiences that maximize your ROI quickly. Our digital marketing officials are seasoned PPC campaigners who balance the proven textbook methods and out-of-the-box ideas to target the most relevant keywords and keep your website posted. Here’s what we offer:

Paid search advertising

Our paid search advertising service gives you the advantage to rank based on specific primary keywords of your industry. Since your target audience will search for particular services linked to your business— placing you at the top of the search results will not only usher you to the clickable vicinity but also expand the lead and conversion windows. Fortunately, our Google Analytics & AdWords Certified Experts latch on to how these sophisticated methods work best for your business. With our ad service campaign— you are entitled to pick those Google Search ads which fit your budget. You will only pay when the ad gets clicked. As we are associated with Google and Bing partner programs— you’ll definitely get a more thought-upon service compared to other digital marketing agencies.

Data analytics and reporting

Stats don’t lie. Our competent Digital marketing team unites with data analysts to look into the minute details of PPC campaigns. Since you are spending a fair bit of money per click, it’s our moral obligation to analyze and optimize work at each level of the campaign so that every penny spent makes sense. Our focused report scanning and collective strategies potentiate maximum benefit out of the paid search campaign.


As a full-service digital marketing agency, the onus falls on us to make our PPC campaigns successful in a short span. Since you have chosen Pay per click marketing over SEO— it’s evident that you want desired results as early as possible. Thus, we make sure that our PPC processes don’t hinder your business workflow. Here’s how we launch brilliant PPC campaigns in relatively less time.

#1 Deep research into your business and target audience

An effective PPC campaign is brought up by sound research of any business project. As we follow this sincerely— our marketing experts try to learn everything about your business. Your goals, target audience, budget, and a lot more data to begin with. Our set of questionnaires ensures that we are well-aware of you and your business so that we find relevant keywords searched by your audience. We pick up your business, place it among the most viable audience that will give you satisfactory results.

#2 Competitor gap analysis

Never underestimate a competitor. The most estimating rule of business is— “your competitor is ahead of you.” Keeping that in mind— we formulate PPC campaigns that are sure shot hits for your business. We do this by reviewing your competitors and the keywords they target. Competitor tracking helps us to analyze the goods and the bads of their strategies and levy our strategy over the top of their idea to allure potential customers for your business.

#3 Kickstarting the campaign creation

Our digital marketing connoisseurs design a campaign architecture for diligently placing target keywords, ad copy, and other PPC services in intersectional ad groups. Here’s what we do before launching the campaign— we arrange all the ad sets and materials to get them approved by you— and once you give them a nod— we kickstart by publishing them. We aim to offer a 360-degree full- service approach to your PPC management campaign to earn loyalty out of you.

#4 Designing a right landing page & power CTA

The effectiveness of PPC campaigns depends a lot on the design of the landing page. If your landing page doesn’t have actionable components like CTA and if ad copies and graphics of the page don’t engage visitors— the per click campaign will go futile. As we funnel all the users to the landing page— we keep trying until we see a decent ROI number. Our digital marketing unit works a unique mixture of copy, graphic, and engaging components to lead actions such as purchase, register, or at least download. We recommend you to choose PPC when you are looking for some severe conversion game.

#5 Detailed analysis and reports

Akin to business research— we make sure that we aren’t missing the vital insight from the current PPC management service. As we peep into campaign performance keenly— our main objective is to present a comprehensive detail about our efforts and its results in front of you. Using the very information— we can sit and mull about current stats and draw further strategies as preventive action against campaign failure. As your competitors have access to paid searches— they can quickly turn the table around. Hence, we have to be on our toes to deal with ever-challenged PPC advertising.

Money Monk Digital— Making PPC Advertising Your Strongest Search Tool

Make your business an epicenter of customer-influx with the help of the best PPC company in Toronto— Money Monk Digital. We are an esteemed web development and digital marketing organization which rakes up your business— whether a startup or old. Here’s the brownie point we have above other agencies in Toronto:

Success-driven enthusiasts

Do you want to count on someone who could guarantee you a success-driven PPC marketing? Our bunch of Bing and Google Adwords analysts and strategists undertake the opportunity to warrant a desirable outcome.

Take up quickies

Willing to shoot up your brand-image overnight? Give us your business project to expect results in as early as one day. Our years of practice make Google Adwords approval in almost a day that gives your business a real chance to rank up quickly.

Reverse engineering

Apart from early researchers into your business and reporting on the later stages of the campaign— we also excel in reverse engineering. If you are getting a massive web influx but are failing to convert— our reverse engineering process deals with adding or removing something from the conversion funnel that could do the job for you.

Remarketing by long-tail keywords

We understand the psychology of the customers. Repeating customers is more valuable than new customers. We remarket the long-tail keywords for retargeting the ad users. That not only pushes the conversion rate but also stretches the marketing to a new audience flock.

Package of your kind

No! We don’t throttle our price slabs to your throat. We love maintaining flexible terms with our clients. That endorses us to come up with customized solutions for your business. If you have a specific budget in your mind— don’t worry— leave us your query, and we’ll make sure that it’s a win-win for both of us.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Well, the answers have fluctuated throughout the PPC life cycle. For the current situation— the answer is— the more you have, the better. It’s like letting the platform assess what works best for it.

As we are aware of what constitutes the best performing ad— we see to it that we utilize the setting like optimize rotation for enhancing the conversion rate. We run responsive search ads in tandem to the text ads so that both the ad types benefit your business.

Google has a concept of ad rank. If your ad rank dips— your overall rank on SERP dips. You have to score well on CPC and Quality Score, and any of the two reasons can plummet your position.

Since you have us as your digital marketing partners— we’ll guide you through. We can increase the keyword bids to put your ad on the top. If unfortunately, your quality score is low— we will try to magnify the click-through rate using ad copy testing.

Your competitors are likely to use remarketing ad techniques— and that’s our forte too. We advise everyone to spend on retargeting paid searches. We do this by arranging a cookie for your website-visitors. You can retarget these users explicitly when they are on other websites on Google or Bing. Since it’s a part of PPC marketing— we will take care of retargeting campaigns too— if required.

Before we answer this— ask your CMO is Google is reaping you benefits concerning the expense made. If Google AdWords don’t exploit your pockets— you should definitely go for Bing search network advertising.Our Bing Adword officials are as seasoned-campaigners as Google AdWord, who draw more cost-effective traffic from Bing compared to Google. Although the overall search volume from Bing will be less— the rate of conversion has been better off than Google.
As you are targeting specific keywords— so are your competitors. Since many companies bet on the same keyword— the competition induces aggressiveness into cost per click.If your competitor has a better CPC and quality score— that again could be increasing the cost per click. We work on your quality score by designing a relevant landing page and focusing on click-through rate and ad-relevance.

Building Businesses in Toronto through SEO, SEM & SMM

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Web Design & Developement

Designing a website your customers love is the need of an hour. Your website will not only be fast, secure and SEO ready but it will also be a lead generation machine. It’s time to reconsider your website and see it’s its a lead generating tool for you. Contact us today if you want to design a new website.

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Search Engine Optimization

Being discovered in search engine for relevant keywords when user search is one of the best long term marketing strategy. We can help you achieve this objective by having applying SEO best practices and solid technical SEO foundation through SEO. Contact us today if you are interested in SEO strategy.

Search Engine Marketing Company in Toronto 9

Pay Per Click Advertisements

When businesses need instant results, ads or adverisements are the way to go. Search Engine Marketing & Social Media Marketing are the base to drive paid traffic to relevant landing pages. We can help you manage your ad campaigns for specific objectives or always on. Let’s talk!

How are we Different?

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ROI Obsessed

Yield positive ROI with MoneyMonk Digital’s data-centric SEO strategy. Whether you’re a small business or a Fortune 500, every dollar counts. Victorious’ sole success metric is ROI – if you’re not earning, we’re not succeeding. Never again guess if SEO is generating a net-positive return – your team and your investors will love the financial insight.

Scalable Campaigns

Launching a startup with limited capital? No problem. Want to test our process before ramping up your budget? Sounds good to us. With Victorious, all campaigns are structured to allow for seamless scalability. We’ll prove our model, and you’ll see revenue soar.

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