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Social Media Marketing Company Toronto

Are you spending more time on social media than your website? Well, your customers definitely are! Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. have become hubs for giving an uninterrupted web-experience to the customers— not just for social building but for businesses and services offerings too.

So, have you taken your businesses to social media yet? If yes— you’ll need us to boost your loyal followers, and if no— what are you dwelling upon? Get in line with the best social media marketing company in Toronto.


Let’s be honest. What’s more viable— “your customers leaving their social accounts to reach your website or you leaving your website to reach your customers.”

Needless to say— you have to reach your audience on their favorite channels. Our social media strategists help you act. Their set of social media marketing tactics not only glorify your brand presence on social media but also generate leads.

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Announce your arrival on social media with a bang! Make a loud shout out to your targeted audience! Let them know that they are reachable to your help-desk on all the platforms! Create a robust social buzz that gets you engagement, leads, conversion— and, most importantly— user-generated information to act further accordingly.


The audience, audience everywhere. But not an audience to target?

Social media marketing will help your brand segment the niche audience so that you can deal with them more relevantly. Niche audiences get some of the most valuable customers on your radar, wanting to be served and dealt.

As we are proficient social segmenters and marketers— our social and digital marketing blueprint will differentiate the wheat from the chaff.

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4 Key Social Media Deliverables

If you have appointed us as your social media advisories and marketers— we promise four key deliverables.

Full Service Social Media Marketing for a Strong Brand Gossips

Your customers are watching you. They know about your social presence. They are informed about your brand reviews. They are informed more than ever. Don’t take them easy. And we won’t let you. Our full service social media marketing package has comprehensive coverage for creating a healthy brand gossip among your customers and competitors.

Here’s what our social media marketing agency in Toronto offers:

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  • Facebook and Instagram Ad for micro-targeting the exact target audience.
  • Social media optimization for driving data-centric engagement and traffic.
  • Breaking the vast user base by promoting social content on relevant channels.
  • Building a large network of social customers and fostering relationships for loyalty.
  • Accessing specific audiences of your genre through social influencer marketing.
  • Optimal graphic designs and social media advertisement for increasing leads.
  • Targeting community professionals through effective LinkedIn marketing.
  • Offering social customer service as a quick help-desk facility.
  • Jazzing up your social media profile with eye-catchy content.
  • Quirky and trending social posts so that users can relate.

Full Service Social Media Marketing for a Strong Brand Gossips

Our social media campaign is incomplete without your presence. That’s why our media management team dives into your monthly objectives and plans out the media marketing blueprint to meet your brand goals. Here’s what we do to socialize your brand:

#1 Go over your business requirements with a fine-tooth comb

Before we go berserk with our social media marketing campaign— we make sure that we have a proper understanding of your industry. That helps us note customized strategies on content calendars and fill in all the social media gaps linked with your brand. Based on your and our user research— we also make buyer’s semi-fictional personas that enlighten us about their engagement with your brand. We give a green signal to the campaign only when we have done our finding part.

#2 Planning & defining SMM resources

Your social media campaign will need some resources from your and our side as well. We need to plan out and define these resources to conduct an inciting strategy. Your input is one of the essential resources that we’ll need to organize everything as per the digital marketing plan. We also master in creating visual resources like brand voice and social media logos that will drop a more human impact on the audience.

#3 Strategizing growth hacks

Your social media accounts need strong website support. A ferocious social campaign can fizzle out if your website is not running smoothly or has technical issues. It’s tough to get a customer on your website from social media— and bad design and content will hit the purpose even if they reach somehow. We optimize your site to justify all social media marketing efforts. Our growth marketing services balance your social media and web profile.

#4 Shareable content

Infographics or creatives, posts, or copies— our accomplished content creators and marketers team up to build shareable content. Our understanding of content diversity is the key to your social success. We put together educational posts, marketing posts, and the company’s work culture posts for enhancing social-engagement and eventual leads/conversions. We work as per our content editorial calendar and improvise based on the customer response.

#5 Testing strategies to optimize

Not all social media executions are sunshine and rainbows. While some may perform brilliant— others may blow right into our faces. This is why we test all our strategies during our live-campaign. It enables us to increase the volume of post-types, which have got more views and get rid of the policies that have failed us big time. In layman’s— it’s called social media optimization, where we put sureshot content after testing and evaluating user-response.

Let MoneyMonk Digital Conspire Your Social Media Victory

Your brand needs social-media prowess. Based as an eminent marketing agency in Toronto— Money Monk Digital harnesses all the qualities of social media and floors them for your use to create a go-to social image. Say cheers to our qualities:

Social media users-cum-experts

Do you need marketing agencies in Toronto that think like customers? Our pool of digital marketing technicians are social media buffs who love spending their time enjoying memes, viral contents and also creating their likes.

Love Impromptu challenges

Do you need social posts tomorrow? Want to send a social heads-up in the coming weekend? Willing to create an urgent social media marketing campaign? You order, we deliver by beating your expectations.

Inch-perfect strategies

We don’t like to boast about our strategies. Our clients are the living testaments of our right on the money strategies. We have a strong client-base across various industries and niches which have been benefited by our accurate social media strategies.

Strong campaign support

Want to know if your campaign is dropping a social mark? Our account manager lets you go through weekly or monthly reports to access a comprehensive detail on its performance— and allow you to extemporize the campaign for better results.

Quality at the budget-friendly package

Trusting us is indirectly trusting quality. If you value quality, we value the budget. It’s a win-win for each of us. Our customized social media marketing package ensures that we meet your expectations at reasonable rates.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Social media marketing is only half the execution of what we promise. The real gamble lies in reading our marketing efforts through several metrics. Our reporting tools track the lead and conversion rate and floor in-depth data for you to improvise at critical times of the sales funnel.

Our social media management team looks through an insightful lens to understand how your business performs at different platforms and posts. That’s how you will see through the minute details of your performance at each stage of the purchase cycle to deduce the ROI.

If you have an SMM manager— fair enough, if you don’t— you can consider us as your unofficial SMMs. Since we love catering customized posts and curating content at each point in time of your sales— you can refer to us as your social media manager out of love— we won’t mind. 😉For more authentic social media managers— you can have one to engage with your audience and resolve conflicts at crises.
Different social media marketing agencies will have different rate cards for social media marketing. Depending on skills, experience, and proven results— some may charge you more than the industrial standards.As far as the price slab is concerned— the average cost of social media will fall in the bracket of $3,000 to $7,000 per month. The upper limit can go upto 25,000$ in a month. Don’t worry— we aren’t charging you mindlessly. We will peep through your business requirements and come up with a customized plan that suits your budget.
It depends on the size of your business. On average— it’s indicated that spending 6 to 7 hours on social media marketing for a week can bring expected results for your business. For a five-day workweek, it accounts upto one hour and 20 minutes.Here’s the fun— our social media experts do all the necessary work faster than an average social media marketing being.

How are we Different?

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ROI Obsessed

Yield positive ROI with MoneyMonk Digital’s data-centric SEO strategy. Whether you’re a small business or a Fortune 500, every dollar counts. Victorious’ sole success metric is ROI – if you’re not earning, we’re not succeeding. Never again guess if SEO is generating a net-positive return – your team and your investors will love the financial insight.

Scalable Campaigns

Launching a startup with limited capital? No problem. Want to test our process before ramping up your budget? Sounds good to us. With Victorious, all campaigns are structured to allow for seamless scalability. We’ll prove our model, and you’ll see revenue soar.

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