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Website Design in Toronto

Are you building your website to reach online customers?

Have you been trying to generate an ever-lasting customer-experience?

Before you answer these questions— ask yourself— “would you buy from your store if you were its customer?”

Our website designers at our web designing company in Toronto helps you to find the answer.

 Unlike others— We don’t design your website. Instead, our web designers design your reality. We paint your dreams on websites. And we design to satisfy your expectations. You are our priority. We intend to satisfy the customer in you so that you sell to satisfy the customers of your website.

We Design Outfit of Your Website.

Good web design is the face value of your business— the dress code of your brand— the first step towards launching your social/online image. 

And it has to be perfect— engaging— and most importantly—distinct. All the more reason because there are almost 1.5 billion websites in the world. 

And you got to stand distinct among them. Curious yet? Our web designing company in Toronto led by designing connoisseurs creates customized-UI elements and visuals based on your brand requirement and design impeccably responsive platforms that not only engage customers but are visual treats for every single user.

Your website is the largest shop in the world make the most of it.

Kudos, if you have finally planned for web design and development for your business because your webspace can record the most substantial footfall in the world.

Didn’t get it? 

We design fully-functional websites intending to maximize online footfall on your website and convert these traffic into paying customers. With our seamless web-designing structure— we aspire to set-up a strong foundation for your start-up, scale-up your mid-scale business, and maintain your large-scale brand.

We transform your business idea in user journeys.

Got a business idea? Failing to recognize where to begin? Get in touch with our online business consultants who will see through your thoughts and bring about the best web solutions for converting them into reality.

Our team of innovators, strategists, and digital badasses know how to set your first online foot in the right direction. 

Having won various awards for our prestigious web designing portfolio— our specialists, under the common roof, apply their set of digital intelligence to furnish the websites which not only look visually impressive but which also perform under extreme conditions such as heavy traffic and navigational complexities.

Our Designs are not honey maze - Customers Will Never Feel Lost.

Having a website is not enough. It doesn’t get you leads. However, a good website does. Apart from visually appealing web design, a good website needs utilitarian navigation, which complies with natural human memory.

As we understand the vitality of usability— we make sure that our web design company has the right balance of latest UX-design tools and experts to create a visual hierarchy that’s simple to understand and easy to navigate.

Our strategic designing results in websites that are devoid of complex mazes, broken navigational path, irregular designing glitches, etc., thereby leaving an excellent web-experience for customers from entry point to the final purchase.

We understand the Good, The Bad, and the ugly of Web Designing Profession

Our long-serving digital veterans have a historical record of serving clients from various industrial backgrounds. We have designed a range of sites for corporate to small-scale industries— and that makes us well aware of the good, the bad, and the ugly of web designing.

We maneuver our years of web designing experience into using SEO-friendly web-components that fit best for your business type. We choose the customized designs which suit your business and get over clumsy designing patterns that can hurt your brand image.

Designs which correspond with Google & Bing Algorithm

Search engines such as Google are very vocal about web designing requirements. For them, it’s like “give me websites with good customer-experience. I will provide huge traffic in return.”

 But pleasing Google is not as easy as it sounds. It needs years of web designing practice— a more in-depth perception of how search engines work, and quick adaptability to the ever-changing algorithms.

 Our group of designers and SEO-experts follow these algorithms closely and break down the technical complexities related to them, and emerge with the best possible web solution that corresponds with them.

We understand the Good, The Bad, and the ugly of Web Designing Profession

Full Stack Website Designing Services in Toronto for Your Business Brand

Our full-spectrum web designing service agency covers websites of different categories depending on their functionalities. As we get the hang of varying user-base, our designs are mostly profession-centric, which are built over the logic of penetrative-ideas. Here’s what we have in our web-designing kitty:

WordPress Website Design

WordPress website design is our go-to designing forte. We design to the point— aesthetics that focus on usability and SEO. We use high standard clean codes in developing wordpress websites, which automatically potentiate domain optimization. Apart from the plethora of functionality-augmenting plugins and themes in WordPress, we also customize modules suitable for your business. If you have been longing for easy customization in short notice and cost-effective measures— our commanding WordPress developers can help you checklist your objective in absolutely no time.

Shopify Website Design

They say that “the look and the feel” are the essential facets of any e-commerce website because that’s what converts visitors into buyers. Shopify based websites fulfill these needs efficiently. And we make sure that we play the right designing catalysts which allow custom-Shopify stores to turn into reality. Whether you want to set up a new store or scale your existing e-commerce business, whether you want seasonal customization, or wish to deploy in-built marketing tools— our Shopify web developing and marketing geniuses will take care of your digital needs at affordable prices. And that’s not it— they monitor your web performance from development to deployment stage so that you get a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Custom WordPress Development

WordPress creates a sea of opportunity for you to enjoy customized websites that meet the demands of your business. However, customizing your website on WordPress is not a five-finger job. It needs outright developing intensity and skills to present the best form of the site without trading off its search visibility and ease of navigation. Fortunately, our WordPress developers champion in coding customized themes, plugins, and design which tend to produce websites of your choice and idea. We also make your websites future-ready with the current technology-stack. Our all-devices compatible sites are fast, reliable, responsive, which are mostly achieved under the said timeline.

Landing Page Design

If designing a landing page is an art— we are Picasso of it. With our promising landing page designs— you can create effective marketing buzz to promote your business and services. As the landing page is the heart of designing and one of the most critical processes in designing & developing stages— we pay special attention so that it grabs user-attention and pushes them deeper into the conversion funnel. We also use it as a powerful back-pocket tool to entice customers to act and leave vital behavioral traces on your store.

E-commerce Website Design

The rate of return in your e-commerce business depends on the designing nerves of your website. Your sales may plummet to the floor if you don’t pay attention to e-commerce optimizing guidelines. And SEO-complexities multiply manifold in online stores in comparison to other website types. That’s when you need our ecommerce designers and digital marketing experts who are well-versed with SEO-friendly designs. They not only focus on user-design but user-experience, which serves up customer-engagement and loyalty on your plate. If you want to utilize our proven-experience for skyrocketing your e-commerce sales— we are just a click away.

Custom Website Design

Unique organizational objectives don’t deserve already-built web design strategies of other clients. They need a personalized process of learning and understanding before going fully-functional. As we emphasize custom-tailored web designs, we make sure that we go through the crux of your business and apply sound strategy, which involves specified designing, user-experience, and marketing to boost your online brand presence. Our web developers arrange special meets to dig through your business requirements and build everything goal per se.


It takes double the effort to convert visitors into buyers than to attract visitors to your website for the first time. Technically, a neatly designed website makes both the jobs easier for you. And our free concept designing even before the designing phase makes sure that your business objectives are well converted. Here’s how we design websites for you.

Web Design & Developement



  • Hearing out and decrypting your brand ideas and requirements.
  • Selecting the essential components and features which are required on the website.
  • Sketching the ultimate blueprint of the website and proposing its most viable version.
  • Defining the resources such as designing workforce, technical components, and time just before the prototype phase.


  • Letting you go through the realms of possibilities and areas of economic viability.
  • Developing a prototype website that has sufficient features to gratify the early users.
  • Finally, developing the prototype.




  • Using flow diagrams and blueprint for building user-interface designs.
  • Designing technical yet feasible and SEO-friendly architecture.
  • Checklisting different designing milestones.


  • Creating SEO-friendly content for the website.
  • Placing marketable content that can bring traffic.
  • Catchy copy and call to action for click baits and conversion.




  • Developing clean and maintainable codes.
  • Integrating web design with content and modules for full-functionality.
  • Focus on robustness, scalability & longevity of design.


  • UI/UX testing to generate responses from users. 
  • A/B testing to understand the web-semantics from the visitor’s point of view.
  • Testing web functions on all the devices— especially mobiles and desktops.
  • Page load and traffic testing so that the website performs well at crucial times.




  • Deploying your website on fast, reliable, and scalable servers.
  • Installing security and web monitoring tools.


  • Gathering the requirements for upgrading the websites on or off-premises.
  • Checking the upgrades and fixing the web bugs.
  • Strengthening the security walls.


Getting Digital with MoneyMonk

Make your website into a money-minting device with Money Monk Digital— the award-winning web designing company in Toronto. Here’s why you need us as your design company:

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

The price of any website depends on the customized-designing and services. In Canada, a basic website with foundational features such as a portfolio and landing page may range anything between 999$ to 5000$. 

 Again, it’s not a hardbound rate inscribed in the industry’s constitution— a lot of things go up and down during the development phase, and that’s why we need blueprints. 

 If you are looking for advanced websites such as e-commerce— the charges may go beyond $5,000 to $50,000. Get your personalized quotation by connecting with us.

The timeline of web-development depends on the complexity of your requirements. If you have been looking for a small-scale website with a limited number of web pages— it may take around 8 to 10 weeks. 

A few initial weeks— 2 to 3 weeks— will be spent on discovering and market research, whereas customized designing can take upto 6 to 8 weeks.

For more complex sites— building a professional site right from scratch may take time; however, the experience of our front and back-end developers makes the entire “website-making saga” an easier task.

The world has seen the greatest shift in technology in the last two decades, and that has made many businesses think and live digital. 

It’s time for you to tighten up the shoeless and get ready for the digital-marathon because this is the reality— and it is going to stay— and you have no other choice than to compete with already transformed businesses.

 As more customers seem to go online— looking for their footfall on brick and mortar stores will not justify your search.

Both websites and apps have different roles to play at various stages of your business. We would recommend you to get a customized website because they are budget-friendly and take less time than apps. 

 Moreover, many stats suggest that the average number of apps that users download in a month is “a big egged-zero.” That’s right. Most of us only download five important apps, which include— Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Skype, etc.

 So, driving a user to install your app takes an unusual kind of effort, which mostly drains down to the sink. Whereas generating traffic on websites is relatively simple.

Good web design is as good an organic traffic generator as digital and social media marketing tricks. A clean web code with clean schema is a vital part of search engine optimization that not only increases web traffic but also generates lead and eventual conversion.

Since our web-design is the primary pillar for yielding a great customer-experience, engaging users, retaining loyalty, and attracting return customers— there’s no way that you aren’t getting traffic on your terms.

Our A/B testing techniques also catch the nub of the web designing that remains coherent from the customer’s standpoint.

Yes, customizing your website is our top priority. We like to stand with your unique identity by developing websites that are distinct in their own style, patterns, and designs.

Right from the designing phase to the deployment phase— our firm customizing conviction makes sure that no client returns empty-handed. 

Building a strong customer-relationship is our spirit animal— personalizing a website according to our clients is one of the best ways to put up a long-lasting entrepreneurial relationship.

No. That’s the best part of our business principles. You are hiring us as a web design and development company. Once we are done with developing the website— you have the complete ownership of it. 

 As we master open-source website creation tools— whatever we create is yours. No code is hidden from you. You can have them whenever you want.

 Our 100% open-source coding will ensure that any other developer can take up the job of your website if we don’t get well together— which is very unlikely to happen. 😉

Well! Absolutely, not! Not until you want us to host your website. You can have your favorite hosting partner and carry the process. 

 Fortunately, we give a lot of hosting options that ease the configuration and deployment of the website. However, you are not obliged to host your website with us. You can just go for web design and development.

You can’t win traffic with web design and development alone. Although our websites are search engine optimized— they need additional services like content and digital marketing to get high web traffic and leads. 

The blend of good designing and digital marketing tricks such as social media marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, and email marketing, along with paid marketing, lay a strong base for traffic and leads. 

That said, there is no guarantee. No one can guarantee, but over the years, our best practices has never failed us in generating leads.

Your ideas are your property. We have strong in-house policies that protect your idea from leaking outside. We take massive pride in defending your intellectual property. We also urge our clients to reserve the rights to their ideas. 

 The rights reserved ideas like logos, and unique copies can save brands from plagiarism and prevent you from intellectual-theft.

Results You Can Expect!

We expect to bring positive impact to your existing campaigns through our business understanding and professional inplatform expertise. Here are the results you can expect on different key performing indicators.


Web Sessions


Click Through Rate


Cost Per Action

How are we Different?

ROI Obsessed

Yield positive ROI with MoneyMonk Digital’s data-centric SEO strategy. Whether you’re a small business or a Fortune 500, every dollar counts. Victorious’ sole success metric is ROI – if you’re not earning, we’re not succeeding. Never again guess if SEO is generating a net-positive return – your team and your investors will love the financial insight.

Scalable Campaigns

Launching a startup with limited capital? No problem. Want to test our process before ramping up your budget? Sounds good to us. With Victorious, all campaigns are structured to allow for seamless scalability. We’ll prove our model, and you’ll see revenue soar.

Let’s discuss your case and how can we help you!

Want to give us a try? Skip the queue and send us an email explaining your idea. We’ll come back to you with a bespoke demo based on your business needs, free of charge!






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